Version Control System – Topic of the Week

Version Control SystemVersion Control System (VCS) is a must have tool in every developer arsenal. It is also known as Revision Control System (RCS). However a lot of developers are still unfamiliar with VCS. So, Version Control System is our topic of the week.

Source codes are primarily text files.

Large projects typically involves multiple developers.

It makes sense for a tool that keep tracks of changes to source code to emerge. Thus Version Control Sytem is born.

Version control systems (VCS) matter because they’re the primary tools for developers to manage software projects and track changes, and developers are increasingly calling the shots in everything from enterprise computing to mobile applications. A VCS monitors access to source code, keeping track of all changes, as well as who made the change, why they made it, and what the changes were meant to accomplish. It’s like a Google Doc for code, except far more powerful.

Source: Read Write

Version Control System tools have also evolved over the years.

First, there was CVS, for those old enough to use and remember it.

Then comes SVN (Subversion).

Now, Git is state of the art Version Control System.