Version Control System Benefits

Version Control SystemToday, we are going to cover Version Control System benefits:

  • Changes are tracked, we know who made the changes, what files changed and why change was made.
  • Roll back is possible. Just in case someone make a bad call, it is possible to go back to previous revision where everything is perfect.
  • Branching is possible. Using Version Control System, it is possible to explore new features as a parallel branch of the primary tree.

Stuart Yeates summarizes Version Control System benefits for non-technical people nicely on OSS Watch blog.

He splits them into three main benefits:

Version Tracking

As source code changes, it is natural that developers and project managers will want to view what has changed as the application matures from development phase to deployment phase. Version Control System allows a broad view of what changes are made, why the change is made and who made the change.

Coordinating Teams

For large projects, a team of developers are used. It is normal for each developer to work on a specific feature. Version Control System allows developers to see which code intersects with each other. This way, conflicting changes can be resolves along the way, instead of waiting for one developer to finish checking on the intersection.

Due Dilligence

This depends a lot on the business. But one important aspect Stuart mentioned is Intellectual Property. By using Version Control System, it is possible to track who made the change and when.

Now, surely the benefits will make you think about adopting Version Control System for your next projects.