Skytte HTML5 2D Shooter

Skytte - MerixstudioHTML5 has opened up a lot of possibilities. Amongst them, gaming inside a web browser. Previously web browser games are made using Adobe Flash. HTML5 sure changes that. Reminiscent of the beginning of PC gaming in 1980, a lot of games made were 2D based games. Mostly shooter games. They do not require a lot of resources and quite easy to make. So, how do HTML5 games are created ?

Merix Studios, the creator of Skytte have shared a case study of their games Skytte. Skytte is a 2D shooter, scrolling sideways. There are nice effects included, such as screen shaking, fire, explosion and blast effects.

Of, if you choose to skip their case study, you can go play the game directly by clicking here.

Thanks to Web Appers for the heads up!