Simple Code Flexible App

Earlier this year, the Web Develover blog changes its tagline to Helping Web Developer Write Simple Code Flexible Apps. What exactly does “Simple Code Flexible App” mean ?

Most programming language that we, developers use are high-level language. It means the syntax are designed to be readable by human. For example, we are used to write “if… then… else…”, “for…” statements and others.

Humans are not robots, so, each have different logic. The way they write the code to accomplish a certain task are going to be different.

simple-codeSo, simple code is necessary to help other developer understand the original code creator logic.

With simple code, comes flexibility. Because the code are made simple and easy to understand, it is a lot easier to add new code to expand on the app features. Thus, flexible App.

While expanding, the simple code must be maintained.

That is the logic behind the tagline.

Naturally, there are going to be a lot of things that needs to be discussed on that topic. Which is what we are going to discuss a lot this year.