Responsive Design Not One Solution Fit All

A lot of people are viewing responsive design as a the one and ultimate solution to solve their web design problems. In reality, responsive design is only a small part of the ultimate solution.

I found a great article from Web Designer Depot on “What responsive design is not” by Jeff Orloff. I strongly suggest you read that article in full. In summary, there are three points Jeff made:

  1. Responsive design does not make the design an exact replica on all screen sizes.
  2. Responsive design is not a time saver.
  3. Responsive design does not make a webpage load faster.

Responsive design is creating one design that will scale well, whether it is in big or small screen. HTML and CSS has evolved over time to allow this to happen. One way you can use responsive design is by specifying your width and height in percentages, instead, of fixed pixels. This way, the size will flow according to the screen size. Of course, extreme screen size, such as too big or too small will render the page badly. So, you still need to work around this. Another problem, another solution.

Do you use responsive design in your work ? Share with us your thoughts and experiences by commenting below.