Responsive Design Case Study Envision Success

There are a lot of ways to accomplish a responsive website. Today, I found from Smashing Magazine, a great case study on building a better responsive website.

In the article, Jeremy discuss how he re-design the envision success website to follow a reponsive design. He starts with design for the extreme case, one for desktop, one for mobile. He then begins his CSS style using mobile-first approach.

Then he turns towards navigation menus and images handling. Both comes with their own challenges.

And, the last he done is some simple coding with Expression Engine CMS to get the right markup inserted for desktop and mobile version.

I know this is not a perfect solution, and I am OK with that because it is an improvement to our previous responsive workflow. It has helped us overcome some obstacles that we identified, and we can now bring those improvements to other projects we are working on. Yes, there are still many issues that we have yet to effectively address, such as the delivery of higher-quality images to HD displays as well as the use of em-based media queries referred to earlier in this piece, but we are moving in the right direction for this project and for others.

Source: Smashing Magazine

Overall, it is progress that matters. Perfection, after all, comes from constant changes.