Reducing code bloat

code-bloatImagine you are a new member of the developer team. You find a piece of code that does nothing. You do not know why the code is there. What do you do ? Most likely, you will not remove the code because it might be used by other developer. The code will not be removed. And the cycle continues with each new team member.

To effectively reduce and possibly remove code bloat, can only be achieved by following best practices and coordination.

Each member of the developer team must be briefed on the project code structure and code commenting. Doing this will make sure everyone is on the same page. They will follow a guideline during coding.

Developer skill level may differ, so doing pair programming will be nice. It will help train and improve the less skilled developer.

While deadline is important, it is much more important to write good code. Always remember to remove unnecessary code lines and files.

If the specification changes due to extra features or changing business rules, always make sure that existing dependency are not broken.

In creating new features, make sure it is independent as much as possible. Less dependency on other features or code base will make removing the new features much cleaner, if it is cancelled.

If possible, do Refactoring. It will help catch bad code.

Do us, developers a big favor and help reduce code bloat.