NoSQL Intro by Martin Fowler

Embedded is a video from GOTO Aarhus Conference 2012, where Martin Fowler gives an introduction into NoSQL.

Last fall goto Aarhus continued its ongoing interest in new approaches to data with a track gathering together various experiences with NoSQL databases. I was asked to kick off this track with an introductory talk for an hour giving an outline to the important issues in thinking about NoSQL. I talk about the origins of NoSQL, forms of NoSQL data models, the way many NoSQL databases consider the problem of consistency, and the importance of Polyglot Persistence. I was pretty happy with how this turned out and think it’s a good way to spend an hour if you want to start a journey in understanding NoSQL.

Source: Martin Fowler

Contrary to popular believe, relational database is still staying for the long run. It is not going to be replaced by NoSQL. Listen to the 1 hour talk embedded below.