Never Give Up

Winston-ChurchillI am not sure what the young generation these days are coming up to. They give up easily.

Some examples I have heard from my friends:

A young developer is hired. The manager then gives the developer a project to work on. It is the company codebase. The developer is then asked to tweak the code to add a new feature. After three days, the developer then stop coming to office. He just gives up and decides to find another job.

This is something that I am hearing more and more. Thus, I am very concerned about the future.

Winston Churchill is someone that comes to mind immediately on this very subject. Especially his famous speech “Never Give Up” which I am sure has taken a lot of spin from the original.

Now, I do not know what really happens in the developer minds. Did he not receive enough training ? I am sure he can ask his senior. He is not the only developer there.

Did he not have access to internet connection, and cannot google the difficult part of the tasks ?

Is he not aware of stackoverflow or stackexchange that provides Question and Answer for a lot of programming languages ?

To me, problems are parts of life. It is necessary to take us to the next level.

Every problem have a solution. We just have to work on it long enough.

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