Inspiration for 404 Error Page

Most websites tend to neglect their 404 “Page Not Found” error pages. In reality it must be part of the design and must also be designed to fit into the overall website themes. So, what makes a good 404 Error page ?

In order to build a good 404 page you should take care of several essential issues such as:

  • provide users with alternative solutions, for example integrate menu, home link, search box or list of useful resources;
  • entertain them with mini games, jokes, texts or captivated illustrations.

Boring, clean and clear background pages with bunch of plain black links neatly arranged in columns won’t make any difference. Your page should have a zest.

Source: Design Modo

The Design Modo article further shows 404 page examples. Some of the good ones I noted are:

Diesel 404 page Harris Farm 404 Page


Well, time to check your own 404 page.