HTML Kickstart Front End Framework Any Good ?

html-kickstart-fron-end-frameworkI am currently researching front-end framework. The purpose is to find one that is suitable for use in all my projects. I found a great list over at SitePoint. One of the framework that catch my eye is HTML Kickstart. Why ?

Well, I already tried Bootstrap. It is great, but for unknown reason, it is slow to load. I meant clicking on an action button and it takes 2-3 seconds before the page refresh with new data.

So, I am looking for another. HTML Kickstart seems to fit the bill. It looks to be as easy as Bootstrap and rich in features. Hopefully without the long loading time.

It is responsive, which is good, especially with Google announcing support for responsive design in its search engine algorithm. Open Source is always good.

It also have a UIKit, containing PSD files for icons and buttons. While I do not need them, it does come in handy when working with a web designer.

There is just one problem, it seems to be HTML5 and CSS3 heavy. What about backward compatibility for older browsers ?

I will be testing it out over the week and see how it goes.