GroundworkCSS framework for rapid prototyping

There is a new framework in town, called GroundworkCSS. Upon visiting the official website, it seems to offer a flexible grid system that can scale from mobile devices to large format televisions.

Although it shares a name with a systems monitoring tool and a content management system, the Groundwork software development framework could make a name for itself in mobile Web development.

The open source project, introduced earlier this month, is an HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript framework for rapidly prototyping and building websites and applications, said Gary Hepting, founder of Groundwork and an engineer at online television show provider SideReel. Currently in beta release, Groundwork leverages the Sass CSS preprocessor, which extends CSS3 by adding nested rules, variables, selector inheritance, and other features. “Groundwork offers an extremely flexible fractions-based grid system that can utilize halves through twelfths and two strategically targeted break-points, or media queries, that enable the ability to adapt layouts for mobile and handheld devices,” Hepting said.

Source: Infoworld

If you are looking for a framework that scales well on different devices, then headover to GroundworkCSS and give it a shot.