Ginwiz offers hosted mobile website service

Mobile website is trending right now, with tablets and smartphones dominating web traffic. It is now a necessity, not a nice to have feature. One solution you can use is Ginwiz, which offers an automatic conversion of your website to a mobile version, they will even host the website for you.

GinWiz is a professional web service (with free and paid plans) that simplifies the latest approach mentioned above: it converts any given website into a mobile version.

Using GinWiz, you don’t build a second site. The GinWiz-powered mobile site is actually a set of rules that syncs with the main website and presents it in a mobile layout (so, any updates made to the main website will be reflected to the mobile version).

Source: Web Resources Depot

A small javascript needs to be inserted to help visitor get to the mobile version. If you prefer to have it under your own domain, you need to upgrade to a Pro feature. A great solution, if you have money and in a hurry.