Getting New Connections Offline

Today, in the digital era, getting new connections is easy and simple. Open a social network and start clicking, you will quickly make new friends. It can simply be a random person or a friend’s friend. How do you do it in the real world ?

Webdesigner Depot lists 6 method to get new connections, some with the aid of technology :

  1. Meetups and Groups
  2. Events and Conferences
  3. Meet offline with a person you know online
  4. Take a class
  5. Get involved in a community
  6. Work outside your home / office

The most important thing in using any of the above method is that you want to start a conversation with the person next to you. How to start a conversation ? Simple, talk about the weather, politics, recent news or headlines you come across on TV or newspaper. Start with broad subject, then you can start introducing yourself and exchanging name cards or emails. Then let the conversation guides you. Keep a low profile, no bragging about your work or achievements. You just want to create a common ground for now.

Now, go out there and get new connections.