Easy development with 10 free Drupal modules

Drupal is a very powerful and also very difficult CMS to use. It is definitely not for the lazy people. I tried it several times and found it is very difficult to understand and code for. The fact that it is still in use means it must worth something. It turns out well configured Drupal system, performs and scale well. So, I found an article on Computerworld that is worth reading for those of you who are working with Drupal or want to give Drupal a try. What modules are listed by the article ?

Unlike most Joomla modules and plug-ins, Drupal modules are simple in form, and iterative in approach. There are no big, all-inclusive mega-modules in this list. In Drupal, that’s what really makes a module a popular favorite: Easing the burden of administering Drupal.

So here are 10 add-ons that I’ve tried and that you may find useful:

  • Backup and Migrate
  • Context
  • Custom Contextual Links
  • Delta
  • Display Suite
  • Field group
  • Media
  • Menu block
  • Views
  • Workbench

None of these modules is going to win any glamor awards. But in terms of ease of use and making Drupal a better CMS, they’re all winners.

Source: Computerworld

Hmm, I wonder if I should try setting up Drupal website again. It sure makes me want to give Drupal another try.

Check out the full article over at Computerworld article “10 free Drupal modules that make development easier“.