Creating Print Style Sheets

Despite the move towards e-book, printed media are still in use and in high demand. Most web developers and designers ignored print media, despite this fact. A lot of people still print webpages they found on the internet. I still do, even though these days I print them out to PDF file, instead of paper. I found a great tutorials that is short, simple and to the point on creating a print style sheets.

Web developers can take several steps to bridge the gap between the worlds of printers and LCD screens:

  • Treat print as an equal partner in adaptive and responsive design.
  • Print background images and colors, where appropriate.
  • Add visible URLs or scannable links for easy reference from the printed page.
  • Use CSS filters to improve the result of printed graphics.

Source: Smashing Magazine

The tutorial deals with the 4 points above. The end results are surprisingly good, the process are simple, so there is no excuse not to include a print style sheet in your next project.

Read the full tutorials over at Smashing Magazine “Tips And Tricks For Print Style Sheets“.