Book of the Week: Test Driven Development By Example

test-driven-development-by-example-bookThis book is written by Kent Beck, the creator of PHPUnit. Test Driven Development is a practice that is helping developer to write clean code. There are tools, such as PHPUnit that makes it automated. After all, automation is the objective of software application.

Selected reviews from Amazon:

The are a small number of writers who can teach programming skills effectively. Kent Beck is one of them. There are a small set of practices that you can adopt on your own that will have an clearly observable impact on the quality of your results and the quality of your work day. Test Driven Develoment (TDD) is one of them. If you are a software developer, you want to buy, read and study this book.

Thomas Koenig

If you’ve never done or are curious about TDD, this is a great book to carefully walk you through learning how and why to do it. After following its practices a bit, I’ve also found it an indispensible way to write new projects, modules, and code. However, …

Lars Bergstorm

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