Basic Web Development Tools

In our daily work, we use a lot of tools to get the job done. I found a good thread over at stack overflow that discuss the tools used in web development world in “What are some vital web development tools or techniques that you wish you had known earlier?

Naturally IDE and code repository are required. Pete shared his use of Sublime Text 2 and Atlassian bitbucket. Acutesoftware added Virtual Machine to the list. Floris Velleman added Google Chrome and SQLLite. Feel free to go over to the stack overflow thread and add your own tools.

As for me, I am using Bluefish as my IDE, sourceforge github for public projects and subversion on my own hosted domain, it was included with the hosting package.

In an IDE, I am always looking for a lightweight yet powerful IDE. I found Quanta great, however it is rather heavy and is dependent on KDE libraries, which I found to be too heavy for my liking.

I am used to subversion by now, so it is my primary code repository system. I am thinking about moving to git, but still have not found an easy to use GUI for it. And I am just too lazy to use the command line, hehehe…

So, do share your tools in the stack overflow thread or in the comment section below.