4 Reasons for Shortage of Developers

shortage-supply-demandA lot of people that I know, fellow developers hold a full time job and at the same time do part time job. Does this mean developers are mercenaries ?

I am not sure what the answer is, or why this is the case. I can only make some guess.

First, the number of developers are limited. They are growing, but so is the market. Today, programming skills are not only needed in the IT sector, but also in marketing. As evidenced by Coding Skills as one of “3 Scary Skills Marketers Would Be Wise To Learn In 2014” by Jonathan Pavoni.

Second, the consumer market is opening up, which means developer now have access to the consumer directly. Noted, that this is mostly for mobile developers.

Third, while the number of developers are limited, the number of good quality developer are more limited. New programmers have a lot of tools at their disposition today, compared to the early boom of the internet. Thus, they rely more on tools than the logic and coding behind the tools.

Fourth, outsourcing are becoming normal today. Small to medium companies are outsourcing a lot. So, the demand is increasing even more.

Do you more reason to add ?