Stripe Payments for Developers

Intrigued by Larry Ullman tutorials on “Processing Payments with Stripe“, I decided to look further into Stripe Payment Processor. So, what is Stripe and what is it good for ? Stripe is a payment processor, similar to Paypal. The biggest advantage is that it helps developer avoids PCI Standard Compliance. As ecommerce developer notes in their “A Quick Look at […]

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How to Become a Web Developer

In December 2012, Larry Ullman was invited to speak at Boston PHP Conference. He talks on the topic of “How to Become a Web Developer”. Larry has been kind enough to put up his slides and resources online. Boston PHP also shares an unedited video of the talk. Check them out in the link below: “How to Become a Web […]

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Website Branding with Mascot

Mascot is a character commonly associated with a brand which can be a company or institution. The use of mascot dates back hundreds of years and is still in widespread use today. Mascot is considered a company / institution face in the world. A representation to the human world. Today’s websites are no different. They uses mascot to bring a […]

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