10 JQuery Plugin To Help You With Form Validation

JQuery is a very popular Javascript framework. It is also customizable with plugin. Here are 10 JQuery Plugin that will help you with Form Validation :

  1. Password Validation jQuery Plug-in
  2. Type Watch jQuery Plug-in
  3. Masked Input Plug-in
  4. Uploadify jQuery Plug-in
  5. Niceforms jQuery Plug-in
  6. Elastic jQuery Plug-in
  7. Noble Count jQuery Plug-in
  8. Auto Numeric jQuery Plug-in
  9. jQuery Alpha Numeric Plug-in
  10. Password Strength Plug –in

The plugins served different functions, so they are not the same, some are specific in purpose, such as measuring password strength, while others provide word count, alphanumeric character validation and many more.

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