What to look for when hiring a programmer

I see a lot of people are looking for programmer. Some of them are looking for someone to take over a job abandoned by the programmer. As a programmer and manager, here are some tips on hiring a programmer :

  1. Check for references. Look for his/her previous work. Ask for reference, if the programmer is doing a good job, he/she will give you the contact of the previous employer.
  2. Check for portfolio. This is especially true if you are hiring a web designer. For a programmer, you want to check out his particular style of programming. See if he/she is using a framework.  Check if the framework is open source, such as Code Igniter, CakePHP, Symfony, JQuery, or  other framework. Check with Google for the framework. As long as the programmer stick with plain vanilla framework, you can pass the job to another programmer if things did not work out.
  3. Always test the programmer. If possible, split the job into smaller task. Ask the programmer to do the one simple task, pay him/her a small amount. This way you can see if the programmer is good and will deliver. Give him/her several task, do not give just one. This way you can judge for the job and delivery consistency.

Good luck!