Week in Review Code Bloat

code-bloatThis week, we covers code bloat. Code bloat is basically extra code in an application that is not healthy. Think of code bloat as fat people. Imagine your application looks like a fat person. Not a pretty sight. Like a fat person, we can trim the extra code and turn the application into a slimmer version. Here is the week in review:

The Enemy of Simple

In the enemy of simple, we talked about complex applications which is a sign of code bloat.

Code Bloat

In this article, we talked about code bloat in general.

Why Code Bloat Matters

Code bloat is important because it reduced performance and it makes the application difficult to maintain.

Reasons For Code Bloat

As the title says, we talked about the reason for code bloat. It comes down to three main reasons : Time, Extra Features and Changing Specifications.

Reducing Code Bloat

Finally, we talked about methods to reduce code bloat.

What is your experience with code bloat ?