Web based Application vs Desktop based Application

Web based applicationToday we are going to cover Web based application vs desktop based application. Desktop based application is the old way where application are installed on the user’s computer. While web based application is the new way where application is installed on the company server. How do they compare ?

Application Updates

Web based application is a whole lot easier to update because it is installed only on the server. So there is only one instance of the application.

Ease of use

Desktop application still wins because web based application usually uses web browser as their interface. With the variety of web browser, it is close to impossible to create an application that will work on all browsers. But, web based application are catching up.


Web based application wins here because the resources required is centralized on the server. As long as the user’s computers can load a web browser, web based application can be used.

Can you think of any other comparisons ? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.