Web based application and mobile app

Web based application

Mobile app is trending right now. With the iPad and iPhone, as well as Android based smartphones and tablets, everyone is having access to the internet. This brings web based application and mobile app to an intersection.

The simple requirements of a web browser for web based application to work have make it a solution for mobile app.

While there are web based applications ported to native mobile apps, it is done using a less than optimized method.

Computers screen sizes are getting smaller, especially with laptop. While smartphones screen are getting bigger. It is possible that they are going to meet somewhere in the middle.

Web based application have the advantage of being able to work on both computers and smartphones (including tablets). With little or no modifications needed.

While native mobile app is more responsive and sport much better interface, the flexibility of web based application still makes it a contender.

Will web based application and mobile app merge ? It is possible. Especially with the use of API (Application Programming Interface). By utilizing API, a web based application can be developed using both native smartphone OS and desktop computer OS. Making cross platform compatibility.

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