Why Use Single Page Application ?

Single Page ApplicationThanks to advance in technology, single page application, for web based applications are now possible. Why use single page application ?

The biggest point for using single page application is a complete separation from presentation and processing.

Taking the MVC Concept, there are three items in an application:

  1. Model representing data
  2. View representing presentation
  3. Controller representing processing

With web based application, it has always been difficult to completely separate View and Controller. They are intermittently mixed.

But, with single page application it is now possible to completely write the View in HTML, with AJAX and the Controller in PHP or other programming language.

The next advantage is the ability to mimic desktop application ability to retrieve data or populate a select box without refreshing the page. Thus, one of the best feature example of a single page application is auto complete feature.

By typing a few words, a selection will appear for the user to choose. This is until the single page application arrive has always been the domain of desktop application.

The best example of single application is BaseCamp. It changes the page layout and data without refreshing the webpage itself.

Part of its success comes from the easy to use interface and its ability to change the data in real time without refreshing the page.

Can you find any more reason to use single page application ?