The Biggest Free Bundle For Web Ninjas

When we hear the word free, normally we will think it as a small gift or proportion. That is going to change. There are over 5GB of free stuff for web developers by a new site in pre-launch state. It has everything a web developer will need, especially those like me, who is not very good at graphics and images. Web developer, or as the site called web ninjas, can download all of the item for free. It is also free for use in both personal and commercial usage. I am sure you will agree with me, that this is a very interesting and something that we all must have in our inventory.

The website I am talking about is By People, a curated network of useful content for web ninjas. The site will launch in 2013. It is now in pre-launch state and is releasing a pre-launch bundle called the biggest bundle for web professionals.

What you will get in the bundle :

  • 100 menus
  • 100 seamless patterns
  • 100 searchs boxes
  • 20 CV templates
  • 100 characters
  • 100 pixel perfect icons
  • Credit card icons
  • Trendy Fonts
  • 100 shadows
  • 100 user icons
  • 202 logo templates
  • 20 banners templates
  • 20 PSD themes
  • 40 Folders and Envelopes templates
  • 40 toolbars
  • 50 business cards
  • 50 divisors
  • 50 shines
  • 50 social icons
  • 60 badges
  • 70 buttons
  • 750 application icons
  • 80 boxes
  • 80 sliders
  • 90 ribbons
  • Pixel patterns
  • 100 backgrounds

What are you waiting for ? Quick, head over to or click here.


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  2. Web Designer Depot