Sport Websites Design Features

From Web Designer Depot, comes “30 successful sports websites” that highlights features and design associated with sports. The world of sports is a big business, from teams, organization, sportsman / sportswoman and apparel from hat, shirts to shoes.  Of course sports equipments are included. What makes sports websites successful ?

When it comes to sport websites bright custom backgrounds are the way to go. Sport teams, athletes, sporting goods manufacturers and national sport leagues want to have a website with their brand colors on the background. Their colors are usually something that fans recognize instantly, so why not utilize the colors’ popularity in the background design? But there is one exception! When it comes to fitness clubs they prefer gray backgrounds. Very often the shades of gray dominate these designs. It’s hard to say why it is like that. Probably because gray is associated with hard work or maybe photos of sport equipment look better on a gray background.

A photo gallery is frequently employed to capture the spirit of the sport in question and the most exciting sports frequently feature videos that capture the heat-of-the-moment action.

So, if you are developing for a sports related website, you definitely want to visit “30 successful sports websites” for ideas and inspiration.