Six Month Goals

Goals are an important part of our lives. Whether we are a company man / woman  working 9-to-5 job an entrepreneur or a freelancer, goals are an important measurement of target and achievement. Some of us set 30 days goals, 90 days goals and even yearly goals. What about a 6 month goals ?

This is the topic of “Where will I see you in 6 months?” over at Graphic Design Blender. The idea is to visualize where will we be in 6 months time and check the progress every month.

A new way to set goals
But I’ve been thinking about a new way of setting goals lately and I want your take on it. (So chime in using the comment section!)

Here’s my idea:

Visualize where you want to be in 6 months.

6 months works well because it doesn’t seem to distant to be impossible, but also gives you enough time to really change, improve and advance.

For example, it’s the end of January right now.

Imagine to yourself what you or your business will be like at the end of July (six months from now).

Set goals, reach for the stars and get ready to rock the world.

Then, in 30 days, at the end February, revisit your six-month goals.

Of course, instead of 6-months, you can use a longer or shorter periods. However 6-months looks about right. The key is in the monthly review to check and correct ourselves in order to reach the 6-months goals.

What do you think ? Do you agree ?