Responsive Design Strategy

Previously, we, as web developers have to work around browser incompatibilty during the “browser war” between IE and Firefox back in the early 2000. Today, we have to work around screen sizes. Despite W3C best effort to create a standard for websites, the rapid growth of internet and devices connected to it proves to be a challenge.

Responsive design was born to tackle this challenge. One design to rule them all. However, there are times when we need to re-design a legacy websites. This will be a great challenge. The amount of content and the variety will overwhelm even the most experienced developer.

Ben Gremillion has posted a great strategy to handle this kind of situation over at Smashing Magazine. In that post, he tackles page layout and website structure. How to design for the best effect which will last for eternity.

Check out his full strategy over at Smashing Magazine post “Prepairng Websites For The Unexpected“.