Remote Office Not Required by 37 Signals

37 Signals is well known for their Basecamp product. Their workspace also involves a lot of remote worker. Some as far as Europe, while they are based in United States. So, it is only natural that they eventually publish a book titled “REMOTE: Office Not Required”.

The concept of Remote Work has gained spotlight, thanks to Marissa Mayer who decided to ban remote work in Yahoo. This has sparks a lot of controversy.

The book REMOTE itself is a collection of essays, meant for quick read. With straight to the point content.

37 Signals has a mailing list setup for the book that you can subscribe to. You will gain exclusive excerpt from the book and other stuff not announced yet. So, if you are interested, head over to “REMOTE: Office Not Required. The new book by 37signals. Coming fall 2013.” to get on the mailing list.