Reasons To Do Website Redesign

In recent months we have seen a lot of website do a redesign of their website. Why did they do a website redesign ?

Technology advancement

This is the primary reason for recent changes. Mobile devices are taking a major stake in the way user access the internet. Thus website needs to be redesigned to cater for this major change.

Increase visitors and Improve Leads

Website redesign must have a clear goal. And the goal must be measureable.

The reason you are redesigning your website is to impact your business, not because you are bored with the design or because your CEO wants it to be blue not red.  So, focus on the results you want.  More visitors, leads and customers.  Every decision you make should be focused on improving those goals.

Source: Hubspot

Never do a website redesign because:

  • It has been a while since the website receive a redesign
  • The top management decide to do so
  • Improve SEO.

The best summary for a website redesign is :

If you’re considering a website redesign, please consider improving how it works, not just how it looks. Think about creating rich content for each buyer persona, calls-to-action and optimized landing pages to convert traffic, and dynamic pages to add a more personalized experience.

Source: Hubspot

So, make sure your next website redesign is worth the time and effort.