Programming Apps on Android

Recently I bought an Android Tablet. Naturally, as a web developer, I begin to search for programming apps. Through Google Search I found the following “15 Apps for Programming on Android” from Appstorm to be useful :

  • Deuter IDE
  • Droid Edit
  • Code Peeker
  • Syntax Highlighted Code Editor
  • Java Code Viewer
  • AIDE
  • JavaIDEdroid
  • Terminal IDE
  • Android Java Editor
  • Java Quick Reference Cards
  • C4droid
  • C/C++ Compiler
  • C# To Go
  • C++ Programming Reference FREE
  • C Programming Reference FREE

I also found that most apps on Android are meant for viewing only. Very few are geared for true working environment, where we write codes. Perhaps due to lack of hardware keyboard.

Apparently, short of installing Ubuntu on the tablet, it seems that I am stuck with a laptop for web development work, for now.