Polygon in Web Design

When we think about “polygon” the first think that comes to mind is definitely not a website. For me, polygon is related to 3D games, especially during the late 1990’s where 3D games means games polygons objects. Today, however 3D games rarely shows polygon, but rather a smooth almost real life like quality. This is despite the fact that each 3D models are created from thousand, possibly millions of small polygons.

So, it is refreshing to see an article from Design Modo, titled “Polygonal Art in Web Design“. It covers, naturally the use of polygons in websites. 20 websites are featured in the article.

Polygons are used in those websites as an accent or rather as accessories that sweetens the overall website design. It is quite surprising really, since I rarely notes the presence of polygons on websites.

It is interesting to see that polygons can and is used in websites. What do you think ?