Skipfish Web Application Security Scanner

To help assess web application security, Skipfish scanner is a very useful tool. Skipfish is an active web application security reconnaissance tool. It prepares an interactive sitemap for the targeted site by carrying out a recursive crawl and dictionary-based probes. The resulting map is then annotated with the output from a number of active (but hopefully non-disruptive) security checks. The […]

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Securing Web Application

Securing web application is a not an easy task. But it must be done. Here are some pointers to get you in the right direction: This brings us to a thorny and topical issue: administrator privileges. It has long been assumed that developers should have very broad administrator privileges, because they need to be able to attach their debuggers to […]

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Why secure web application matter ?

A secure web application matters for a lot of reasons. Primarily if a web application is lacking in security, its brand image will suffer. It is a matter of trust. There are two primary reasons as to why secure web application matter: 1. Downtime Web application is available 24/7, 365 days a year. 366 days in a leap year. There […]

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