Mockingbird – Wireframes on the fly – Tool of the week

Mockingbird - Wireframes on the flyTo start the first tool of the week, we will go with Mockingbird, wireframes on the fly. It is a very useful web based application.

But, what are wireframes ?

A wireframe in essence, is a visual representation, guide, and basic element structure of a websites interface design. Wireframes are usually the product of an idea that’s later reproduced on paper (or screen) so that they can preserve and maintain the consistency of visual similarities throughout a websites design. Not only that, but wireframing allows us to save valuable time and money. Deciding to create a website without planning, many times results in a very poorly functional interface. This will ultimately drive users away from your website, and tarnish the quality of your brand.

Source: Spyre Studios

Mockingbird is basically a tool to test out ideas for a website or a web based application. We can use it to test user interfaces for our application. It also allows multiple users to work together on a project. Very useful.

Tool of the week replaces Weekly Tech Comics. I find that Tool of the Week is much more useful than Tech Comics.