Implementing Responsive Design In Mobile World

The mobile world is taking over the internet. By being small, mobile devices are portable and easy to carry around. Combine this with internet connectivity, and we get instant and always on attention of customers. It is a brand new world.

It is in this new world, that both businesses and developers are learning to maximize the effect of mobile world. To make a profit, of course. There are however a few points that must be taken into consideration.

In Web Designer Depot “Integrating content marketing strategies and mobile design“, the following points are explained:

  • Work as a team
  • Outline your strategy
  • Research, analyze and anticipate the user’s needs on each device
  • Identify device capabilities that enhance the user experience
  • Create content that fulfills user needs on each device
  • Work within the responsive design framework set by device limitations
  • Instant gratification builds long-term customers

Yes, they are all difficult to implement. Especially the suggestion that each device should be utilized according to their strength and limitations. With a lot of device variety out there, this is definitely a challenge.

I strongly suggest you visit “Integrating content marketing strategies and mobile design” for more detailed explanation.