Image lazy loader echo.js

Echo, lazy-loading images with HTML5 data-- attributes by @toddmotto - toddmotto.comAnother quick post on resources. This time, echo.js. A simple javascript based image lazy loader. What is an image lazy-loading ?

Lazy-loading works by only loading the assets needed when the elements ‘would’ be in view, which it’ll get from the server for you upon request, which is automated by simply changing the image src attribute. This is also an asynchronous process which also benefits us.

Source: Todd Motto

It helps speed up the initial page loading because not all image are loaded. As you scroll, images that come into view are loaded automatically. Very useful for image intensive page.

You really need to see the demo to understand this concept. Check it out at the demo page by clicking here.

Special thanks to Web Appers for the heads up !