HTML5 and CSS3 Animation with Flash Quality

The combination of HTML5 and CSS3 is incredible. It can create animation that previously requires Adobe proprietary Flash plugin. Web Developer Juice highlights 7 great animations created with nothing but HTML5 and CSS3.

With modern browsers support of HTML5 and CSS3, it is only a matter of time before they take over web animation crown from Flash. The 7 animations are :

  1. 3D CSS Text
  2. World Wonders 3D Globe
  3. 3D Flip Cards with CSS3
  4. 3D Scroll Effects with CSS3
  5. Creating Pure 3D CSS3 Animation
  6. Canvas 3D Transform
  7. K3D CSS3 3D Animations

For full detail, go visit “Wondrous Flash like Animations using HTML5 and CSS3 with Hype“. Pardon the English grammar in the article though. It is a bit messy, but the animations are top notch!