Grappelli Admin Interface Framework using Django

Admin interface and business related web application are boring. Here comes Grappelli, aiming to fix that. What is Grappelli ?

It is a skin to the Django’s default admin interface which has a plain, grid-based and good-looking design (uses Compass for styling) and offers some extras.

Source: Web Resources Depot

Grappelli is built on top of Django admin interface CMS (Content Management System).  You will need to know Python and Django. Compass is optional if you do not want to modify Grappelli.

Some features of Grappelli from its official website:

  1. Define Search Options, Filter and Date-Hierarchy based on your contents and your editors needs
  2. Add (custom) Actions and List-Editables for quickly editing contents on the changelist view
  3. Grappelli adds Autocompletes for Foreign Keys, Many-to-Many Relationships and Generic Relations
  4. Grappelli also comes with some jQueryUI–Widgets and includes a minimal theme for TinyMCE
  5. Another feature with Grappelli is the option to reorder inlines (stacked and tabular) with drag & drop
  6. Finally, Grappelli allows to easily customize and extend your dashboard (similar to django-admin-tools)

So, if you are building a web application using Python and Django, why not give Grappelli a try ?