Github : Tool of the week

GithubThis week tool of the week is Github. A central project repository using Git as its source code management system.

Github and more specifically the Git version control system features an elegant way of managing project codes. Git is more lucrative than Subversion and provides an easier installation process for newbies. Creating new branches is very simple and there is no fear of accidentally losing your hard work.

One reason I highly recommend using Github for hosting your projects is because they have been doing it for so long. Their (free) tools are just simply the best – you have access to a user wiki, Q&A support, push requests, and free webpage hosting for your documentation files. The network is teeming with developers and it is an excellent resource for both submitting and checking out new projects.

Source: Hongkiat

While github is geared towards developers, it is still a very useful tool that must be seriously considered by web developers.