From Failure to Success

We hear success stories all the time, we would think they are born winners. However, very few cover the failures. Freelancing world are full of fail and success stories. They are tightly linked. Planning and preparation are a must. The worst being having zero clients. It can happen anytime. In the beginning and in the middle. And it is so deadly, it can mean the end. How do you prepare ?

The Inexperienced Freelancer With No Clientele

Starting a career as a freelancer in the web industry only takes a name and a URL, and you’re good to go. However, actually getting work is nowhere near as easy without some experience behind you. It honestly will make anyone feel like a failure from the start.

How to handle this

Well, there is only one way to get yourself into a better situation. Getting to work! When you have no reputable past experiences, or stellar work, the only thing you can do is work for the purpose of building your brand. Here are some good ways to do this:

  • Pro bono work for non-profit organizations (what is pro bono, why and when spec work is a good idea)
  • Creating themes, plugins, and other assets that can be sold (creates a great passive income)
  • Get in touch with established freelancers in your area to create friendships
  • If you have the knowledge, share it by blogging or writing tutorials
  • Tweak popular open licensed themes and sell them
  • Create your own projects
  • All these solutions are great places to start if you’re very inexperienced and just itching to get a great leap into the industry.


What is the worth of good advice if you aren’t given any advice on what not to do as well? You now have a good idea on what you should be doing, and how to get going. To add to that here is a little warning message.


This approach is only a race to the bottom because there is always someone cheaper, and selling yourself short may affect your confidence depending on the type of person you are.

When all the Rain Stops and Your Business Hits a Drought

If you can find one freelancer who says they never had a drought of client work being presented to them, then I’ll show you a freelancer who is going to have one in the near future. The freelancer’s lifestyle is a roller coaster, with mighty nice highs and awfully dreadful lows. It isn’t possible to create a sustainable income from client work alone because eventually it will just dry up. When this happens, not many know how to deal with it accordingly, even if they’ve been through it before.


Always make sure that all clients and partners have provided proper written legal documentation showing their approval. If they don’t, then the possibility of them being able to sue once things start moving in a great way becomes highly likely.

Source: 1st Web Designer

Turnarounds can and do happen. As told by three freelancers covered in 1st Web Designer “From Failure to Success – How Three Freelancers Learned from their Failures and Succeeded” :

  1. Spencer Forman, he recovered from being kicked out of his own company and found a new company within weeks.
  2. Jamal Jackson, he recovered from being too focused on MySpace. So when Facebook takeover as the most popular social media, he was outskilled and must start over from scratch. He recovered to work for some big brands, such as AT & T.
  3. Dainis Graveis, he founded 1st Web Designer and focus too much on traffic that he forgot about community, the primary building blocks. He recovered and change his focus back to community based website, instead of traffic based website.

You can read more details on 1st Web Designer article. It is definitely a great read.