Free iPhone Style Web Icons

Looking for icons ? Love Apple iPhone icons style ? Then you need to check out iPhone Icons. A collection of 2500 free icons in iPhone standard and styles.

This set contains 100 different icons perfect for any web usage, ranging from arrows through multimedia navigation symbols and to even some miscellaneous user and social networking musts; all of them have an editable psd source file, png’s in 10 different colors to have a wide variety of options when facing a design project, and in five sizes: 20×20 px, 30×30 px, 40×40 px, 60×60 px -according to the bars and menus iPhone standard- and a bigger bonus 128×128 px to not leave out the bigger sizes. On top of this it also has a big bunch of addons-packed icons in 40×40 px in the basic white style. Enjoy!

Source: Icon Shock

Head over to Icon Shock for more details and screenshots.