First Encounter with Code Igniter

Despite having existed since 2002, and I have been a PHP coder since 2000, it is only yesterday that I am exposed to Code Igniter. A friend invited me to his office this week, and he told he he has been using Code Igniter for his projects. He certainly got me interested in Code Igniter, so I decided to download and test out Code Igniter.

I have only gone as far as the tutorial part. So far, it looks like something I would have done if I am creating my own framework. The use of two folders, application and system is brilliant, and something I am currently developing for my own framework.

Some things I disagree with is the separation of MVC into their own folders. Something that I found to be a bit too much. But, I have limited experience here. Also, the tutorial section should include session management. Database and session are the two most common things that is used in web applications. Even simple webpage such as blog and CMS do use backend system that is protected by session.

I also found the system rather difficult to use. Perhaps I am used to my own system, that changing to another system is uncomfortable, so to speak. I will try to build a simple apps over the weekend. See how it goes from there on.

What is your experience with Code Igniter ? Share with me and other readers in the comment section below.