Enterprise Cloud Future

cloud-enterpriseWhile cloud computing is growing in the enterprise world and it is growing, what does enterprise cloud future looks like ?

Security for cloud based application are going to improve.

As more enterprises adopt cloud computing, Return on Investment (ROI) will become clearer.

The topic for the near future will be on cloud computing models. With public clouds, private clouds and hybrid clouds all trying to grab attention of the enterprises.

What’s the right model for cloud adoption?

There are fundamental questions that the highest levels of an enterprise executive team must consider if they’re moving to the cloud, Gens says. One of the major differentiating factors is to embrace a public or private cloud model, with the difference being who is managing the cloud. In a private cloud the IT user still has control over cloud management, whereas in a public cloud, it is managed by the provider. Gens says an increasingly common structure is a managed private cloud, which is dedicated, single-tenant cloud infrastructure in a public cloud environment. A variety of players offer such services, including Terremark, a Verizon company, and Amazon Web Services and Rackspace. As connections to public clouds continue to improve through VPNs and direct Ethernet links, those managed private clouds become an attractive option that allows for the security of a private cloud while leveraging the economies of scale of a public cloud.

Source: Network World

The public cloud offers economies of scale but at the cost of giving control over the infrastructure to the cloud provider.

While the private cloud offers complete control over the infrastructure but it is not easily scalable because getting extra power (CPU, Memory, Disk Space) means extra money.

Managed Private Cloud is also called Hybrid Cloud. It offers the best of both worlds but also share both the public and private cloud strengths and weakness.

Naturally, while public cloud offers the most benefit, its security is a major concern. It seems that the Hybrid Cloud will be the cloud of choice for enterprises.

2014 will be the year of the hybrid cloud solution. As these hybrid solutions gain momentum, they will fuel more widespread public cloud adoption in enterprise circles than we have ever seen before. When you think about it, this has actually been years in the making. We’ve just now reached that tipping point where hybrid solutions will be able to deliver the best of what cloud has to offer, while chipping away at the things that have prevented many enterprises around the world from fully embracing it.

The next 12 months will lay the foundation for the cloud’s sustained growth. In fact, IDC predicts a 25-percent surge in cloud spending among enterprises in 2014, including software, services and cloud infrastructure. And, critical to that future will be private patching technology. Private patching will allow enterprises that deal in highly sensitive information, such as those in the finance and healthcare sectors, to connect their private cloud infrastructures directly with the VLANS of their public clouds.

Source: Data Center Knowledge

What do you think enterprise cloud future will be like ?