Create Custom Icon and Font Packs From Multiple Sets with IcoMoon

As time goes by, in web development world, or rather in web design world, we tend to use certain sets of icons and fonts. Sets which are our favorite. Most of the time, those favorite icons and fonts are in different sets. Now, we can merge them together with IcoMoon.

IcoMoon is a free service that enables us to create custom icon sets and icon fonts using different sets.

The application includes most of the popular and free icon sets (that can be selected from its library), we can choose which ones to use and select any number of items from them.

Once the selection is over, it offers 2 types of downloads: image and font.

The image version comes as PNG with optional sprite image + the CSS rules and the font version in multiple formats (EOT, SVG, WOFF, TTF).

Source: Web Resources Depot

Give IcoMoon a try, over at their official website.