Composer Dependency Manager

dependency-managementComposer is the darling of PHP Dependency Manager these days. Almost everyone uses Composer on their PHP projects if it requires other frameworks / libraries.

So, as stated before, Composer is good for project based opposed to PEAR. Composer itself requires PHP version 5.3.2 and can be downloaded in one file. A PHP Archive (.phar) file.

Most people will explain that you need to create composer.json files to start. But, Composer actually have an interactive command line you can use by typing:

composer init

It will then ask some questions about the project and generate composer.json file.

Packages you can include for your project can be searched via website

There are quite a few tutorial to get you started on using Composer, here are a few :

So, if you are thinking about using Composer, the tutorials above should help you on your way.

What is your experience with Composer ?