A Simple One Page Javascript Quiz

A simple question asked over at Web Developer Forum got me interested in writing a simple one page javascript quiz. So, in this article I am going to do a little tutorial on how to write a simple one page javascript quiz. First of all, the concept. In his/her post, the poster have developed a three page html file with […]

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Two Simple CSS Spinner

Found two great CSS Spinner made by Lea Verou. They are simple and easy to implement : Cleanest CSS Spinner             Google Style Loader             Found via Web Resources Depot CSS3 is required for viewing. So, make sure you create backward compatible version for older browsers not supporting CSS3. Both […]

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Styling HTML Form Element with CSS

The HTML Form Element is, by design, left to the browser implementation. Thus, creating an exact replica of a form that works in all browser and sizes is a nightmare. It is possible though, to make some standardization to the form element using CSS styling techniques. Not perfect, but it gets the job done. An article on Smashing Magazine, “The […]

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