Senior vs Junior Developer on Readable Code

While reading Simple Programmer article on Readable Code, I found a great point on how senior vs junior developer read a piece of code. There is a fundamental difference in the way an experienced coder reads code versus how a beginner does An experienced developer reading code doesn’t pay attention to the vocabulary of the programming language itself. An experienced […]

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A New Beginning

  With the new year, Web Develover is getting a new beginning. There is a new tagline “Helping Web Developer Write Simple Code Flexible Apps”. As well as a new color scheme. The about page also received a makeover. Over the next few days, I am going to go over the reason and hope of the new tagline. Enjoy 2014 […]

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Creating a Chained Select

This article is based on the question asked on Web Developer Forum on creating a category tree using select. Also known as chained select. First, a description of chained select. It is a series of selection using select box where each sub-select depends on the previous selection. Examples of this kind of chained select is usually encountered when downloading drivers, […]

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