Application Security : Topic of the Week

Application SecurityApplication security is a very important part of every application. It is also one thing that new web developers look very little into. With the boom of internet, web based application now need a lot more defense. With the 24/7 availability, and the open being an open protocol, a web application must be properly secured. So, this week we are going to cover a very important topic in the life of web based application.

Application security encompasses measures taken throughout the code’s life-cycle to prevent gaps in the security policy of an application or the underlying system (vulnerabilities) through flaws in the design, development, deployment, upgrade, or maintenance of the application.

Source: Wikipedia

As defined by Wikipedia, security risks can happen through flaws in design, development, deployment, upgrade or maintenance of the application. This means in every part of the web application lifecycle, there is a security risk involved.

With this in mind, this week, we will talk about application security. Especially web based application. From type of security risks and best practices to minimize security risks.

Then, there is also the recent Heartbleed security risks involved with the use of OpenSSL. While it is an external factor, but OpenSSL is widely used by developers due to its Open Source nature. So, it will also be covered this week.

Next, security threats are always evolving. People are always looking for a way into a secured area. Some do it for fun, while others do it for money motivation. Then there is the white hat type, people who look for security risks in an application and warn the creator of the security risks to get it fixed. We will talk about this, if we have time this week. If not, we will cover it later on.

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